The African American Funders Group (AAFG) advances the rich history of African Americans in philanthropy by providing a welcoming and supportive environment in which professionals in the field can build networks, develop expertise, and find partners in the work of addressing the complex issues facing African Americans in southwestern Pennsylvania. The goals and activities of the AAFG are:

  • Networking and Information-sharing/Commissioning Research
  • Providing Professional Development for AAFG members, other funders, and nonprofit professionals
  • Mentoring new grantmakers
  • Advocating for issues important to the African American community within respective organizations
  • Serving as a think tank on issues facing the African-American community
  • Collaborating on projects and joint initiatives
  • Making contributions to the collective field of philanthropy

Black Philanthropic Network

To help achieve the goals and activities mentioned above, the AAFG is a part of the Black Philanthropic Network (BPN). BPN is a group of eleven regional associations of Blacks in philanthropy with a shared focus of supporting philanthropy in Black communities. The Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) maintains the network through coordinated activities, sharing data and information, and supporting regular communications and/or convening among the regional groups.

AAFG Contact Information

Tracey Armant, Co-Chair

Michelle McMurray, Co-Chair