Board of Trustees

  Greg R. Spencer •   Chair

Greg R. Spencer • Chair

  John R. Laymon •   Executive Vice Chair

John R. Laymon • Executive Vice Chair

   Edward E. Guy, Jr. •    Vice Chair

Edward E. Guy, Jr. • Vice Chair

    Aliya Durham •     Vice Chair

Aliya Durham • Vice Chair

  Dale C. Perdue, Esq. •   Secretary

Dale C. Perdue, Esq. • Secretary

  Darrell E. Smalley •   Treasurer

Darrell E. Smalley • Treasurer

  Paul G. Patton, Colonel USAF (Ret.) •   Chairman Emeritus

Paul G. Patton, Colonel USAF (Ret.) • Chairman Emeritus

  Annette Cuffee Gilcrese •   Honorary Member

Annette Cuffee Gilcrese • Honorary Member

   Lucille ‘Luci’ Dabney    •   Honorary Member

Lucille ‘Luci’ Dabney • Honorary Member

  John Haines   •   Honorary Member

John Haines • Honorary Member

  Lennie R. Henry   •   Honorary Member

Lennie R. Henry • Honorary Member

  Honorable William Robinson   •   Honorary Member

Honorable William Robinson • Honorary Member

  Bernard H. Jones, Sr. •   Founder & President Emeritus   *DECEASED*

Bernard H. Jones, Sr. • Founder & President Emeritus


  Mark S. Lewis •   President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark S. Lewis • President & Chief Executive Officer

  Karris M. Jackson •   Vice President of Programs

Karris M. Jackson • Vice President of Programs

  Shirrell T. Burto •   Director of Development

Shirrell T. Burto • Director of Development

  Teresa Minor Spencer •   Scholarship Manager

Teresa Minor Spencer • Scholarship Manager